1. Never have a close spiritual daughter.
2. Never get emotionally attached to any female member
3. Never post pictures of your spiritual daughter on facebook or any social media no matter how supportive she is to you.
4. Always bear in mind that the lady who cheaply offer herself to you will cheaply fight you tomorrow.
5. Never take advantage of any sheep (lady) who calls you my “My pastor”, “Daddy”, or “My daddy”. Please I beg you, don’t let anyone “daddy” you to hell!
6. Never give financial assistance to any lady without the consent of your wife or any 3rd party.
7. Never pray for ladies in lonely places. Ensure people are around.
8. Never allow your heart to lust after any lady.
9. Don’t eat from ladies who consistently give you cooked food in the name of “he is my pastor”. Remember, food is another way to a man’s heart.
10. Preach against sexual immorality and be a doer of what you preach too.
11. Rebuke indecent dressing around and within you and the church.
12. If any lady is giving you signs for sex, openly rebuke her.
13. Never start any dirty and naughty discussion with any lady.
14. If you are married, don’t hide any secret from your wife.
15. If you are married make your wife your best friend and “flaunt” her anywhere “any how.”
16. If you are married, direct female members to your wife for counseling if the case is sensitive.
17. Always talk about your wife. It chases bad girls who want you away.
18. Profess your love to your wife anywhere.
19. If any lady begins to come close to you, kindly report to your wife with name, phone number and her details.
20. Be nice to female members but you must be strict and disciplined when you notice any bad move.
21. Be concious that gift, in cash or kind, from any woman can be inimical to your spiritual life. Be careful.
22. Employing woman as secretary or personal assistant is an easy trap for your soul. Courtesy Pastor Adeboye.
23. Holding or shaking a woman’s hand, no matter the age difference, can lead to what you never planned.
24. Never believe you are above falling into temptation. 1 Cor. 10:12.
I hope this is helpful. Be your brother’s keeper. Send it to all pastors.
These are suggestions meant to help us as we chart the Minefield of Ministry. May the Lord help us all to finish well.
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