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10 Powerful Tools For a Successful Relationship


Here we go. Today I will be sharing with you some powerful tools you need for a successful relationship.Read and be blessed,don’t forget to share for others to be blessed too.

01. Quit striving to get control over your partner.

They are meant to be understood and loved not to be manipulated and controlled. Truth is, the more you try to have control over him/her, the more you lose it.

02. Learn to be happy and secured on your own.

Stop postponing your happiness until marriage. If you’re not happy being single, chances are that you won’t be when you get married.

03. Do not remain in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship because you are scared of being alone or because of what people might say or think about you. You’re the one wearing the shoes, and feeling the pains.

04. Go with someone who you can be yourself with. Someone who makes you laugh at yourself. Someone who doesn’t take life TOO seriously. That will get you through life more smoothly.

05. Don’t fake it.

Be yourself. If you fake it, you’ll attract someone who belongs with a person that isn’t you. If they don’t love you for whom you truly are, they can as well forget it.

06. Stop wasting your time and energy on relationships that have no future.

Consciously separate yourself from people who contribute nothing positive to your life, nor you to theirs.

07. You cannot change anyone.

Go with someone whose “irritating habits” you can put up with, not with someone you think you can mold to fit your personal requirements.

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08. Respect is earned not demanded.

Drop the ego. Don’t expect her to respect you just because you are the man. Earn her respect by treating her with love and care.

09. Pay more attention to “being” the right partner than to “finding” the right partner. Work on yourself. Build capacity.

10. Love should be mutual.

Stop forcing yourself on a lady or a guy that does not have mutual feelings for you. It’s a risk not worth taking.


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