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11 Kinds Of Pastor You Should Not Invite In 2020


1. the pdp pastor: kill and divide 50/50.they are dangerous, they will do anything to make sure money comes out..prohelie, arrangee,etc
2. The Apc pastor: his second name is stinginess.he only comes to collect and not to be a blessing.he is not ready to make any sacrifice.he must collect all his dues, prophet offering, handshake and the counseling seeds.
3. The Television pastor. all he does is to sit in front of TV watching celebration TV, memorizing messages.No personal prayer or search of scripture.He comes and pour everything down verbatim.No originality.avoid him he is copy right and u dont copyright anointing.
4. The wordless pastor.the only thing you can write down is “can I prophesy..”.he may end up breaking some chairs while the people’s heart remain as rock
5. The “anointed” pastor.He believes he have the oil no other person has.he believes you called him because of his oil not knowing you did that just to contribute to his success story in ministry.there is a way this type of pastors talk.
6. The one that believes you are not invitable.you don’t have what his members will appreciate. You have nothing to give to his members hence he can’t invite you.
7. The pastor that knows how to help people cover their sins.you will end up in hell.he will not tell you the bitter truth because he claim to love you hence is ready to cover sins for you
8. the immoral pastor.his eyes doesn’t see beautiful females without misbehaving
9. The one that believes he has arrived.
This type will be acting as if their are Jesus when you invite them.pls leave them alone
10. Those who comes to know how big or small you are so that they can choose to relate with you or start ignoring you after they preach for you.
11. Those who don’t care for souls but only what they want to gain: it shows in their message.No salvational message or spiritual rivival message , everything has to do with materialism.
God will help us in 2020 in Jesus name.




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