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The Holy Spirit.


The holy spirit has been mistaken for so many things and trivialised but lets get to know him we have to know what the holy spirit is and what He isn’t. and his gifts to mankind. there are nine (9) Gifts of the holy spirit. but we are on dwelling on that today. We are looking WHO IS THE HOLYSPIRIT?  let’s get to business lol. firstly lets look at who/what the holyspirit is not.

what the Holy spirit is not

1)The holy spirit is not God’s errand boy.

2)He is not inferior,he is definitely not a force just like electricity or fire those are just some of the way he manifest himself sometimes.

3)He is not an angel.

4)He isn’t a dove or animal.

Who is the Holy spirit

The holy spirit is a person, yes this might come as a shocker to some new new creation believers in Christ and also to some old ones who show laxity in the things of God.

1)He is a person he has feelings that’s why the bible said grieve him not

2)The holy spirit is a member of the God head (God the father,the son and the holy spirit)For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.  1 john 5:7

3)He is God himself  Matthew 28:19

4)He can be grieved

Now to further show that the holy spirit is a person the word “He” and not “it” is used to address the holy spirit twelve times in the new testament the Greek masculine pronoun (skeinos)’‘He” is used showing he still retains his personality.

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He is the comforter that Jesus promise to send before his departure.the holy spirit is a part of God living in us wow!!!!! To direct and instruct us to write the laws of God no longer on tablets but in our hearts He is always there when we need him just that we neglect him most times


1)He is God: his is the power of the Godhead he has all the attributes of God as being eternal,omnipotent,omniscient,omnipresent

2)He teaches and instructs men Nehemiah 9:20

3)He is the revelation spirit as he reveals things to men 1 Corinthian 2:10-11

4) Sanctifies and help in our weakness and prayer Romans 8:9,11

5)He dwells in us Timothy 1:14

The holy spirit has gift,fruits,workings and ministry which would be discuss in another topic.He is the greatest personality on earth and the greatest gift God has given to man. in him we have our being and revelations of him are still being unfolded daily.


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