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Characteristics Of The Mind of Christ



Today we are going to look at the characteristics of the mind of Christ, that is to say what is Christ’s mind made up of,what is inside the mind of Christ,what is the contents of Christ mind.

The other day, we taught about how to have the mind of Christ and from the teaching we learnt how we can have the mind of Christ.
Let’s go to Philippians 2:5-11
5  Let  this  mind be  in you , which was also  in Christ  Jesus

6  Who , being  in  the form of God , thought it  not robbery to be  equal with God :

7  But  made himself  of no reputation , and took upon him the form of a servant , and was made  in  the likeness  of men :

8  And being found  in fashion  as  a man , he humbled himself , and became  obedient  unto death , even  the death  of the cross . note

9  Wherefore God  also hath highly exalted  him , and  given  him a name which is above  every  name :

10  That at  the name  of Jesus  every  knee should bow , of things in heaven , and things in earth , and  things under the earth ;

  • 11  And  that every  tongue should confess  that  Jesus  Christ  is Lord , to the glory of God the Father
    Characteristics of the mind of Christ
    The first thing you see in the mind of Christ is humility
    In verse 6 of that same book of Philippians 2.the Bible says
    “Who(Jesus) , being  in  the form of God , thought it  not robbery to be  equal with God :
    That is to say Jesus was equal to God in everything, in anointing, in grace,in manifestation and every other areas, that is what God can do he can also do it likewise, yet he was humble before God.Jesus didn’t allow the popularity, the fame, the anointing, the power, wealth, affluence and influence he has gotten to get over his head,he still remains humble before God, he made himself of no reputation before God,He abased himself before God and God lifted him up.
    If you want God to lift you up in life and destiny be humble, humble yourself before God and he will lift you up in due season.
    God resisted the proud and give grace to the humble.
    What does it means to be humble?
    To be humble means
    (a)Not to be pretentious or magnificent; unpretending; unassuming.
    (b)Having a low opinion of oneself; not proud, arrogant, or assuming; modest.
    The mind of Christ is a humble mind.
    2.The mind of a servant
    The second characteristics of the mind of Christ is the mind of a servant.
    The mind of Christ is the mind of a servant, in verse 7 of that same Philippians 2.the Bible said
    “But  made himself  of no reputation , and took upon him the form of a servant”
    He took upon him the form of a servant, despite everything that Jesus had,he made himself a servant, the Bible said
    The son of man came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.
    Dearly believed, if you must go far in life you must put on the form of a servant, just like Jesus. He was rich because of us he became poor that through his poverty we might be rich,that is the servant attitude am talking about here,he left his beautiful mansions in heaven and came to the earth to die for my sins and your sins,that is the servant attitude am talking about here,when he was born he was born in a manger that’s the servant attitude am talking about here.
    The greatest in God’s kingdom today are not those who have houses,mansions and cars,but those who are servant.
    3.Loving mind.
    The third characteristics of the mind of Christ is a loving mind. The mind of Christ is full of love,He loves us all,unconditionally even in our state of imperfections. Jesus’ love for us all is unending, undieing,selfless,unfailing.It was the love that he had for everyone of us,that made him to leave his beautiful throne in heaven and came to the earth to die for our sins.The bible says in Isaiah ”He was wounded for our transgressions, the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed”..
    Because of the love he has for us,he went through pains to get you and I saved. Beloveth let this same mind of love be in us,let us love unconditionally, let our love for God,or towards our neighbours not be tied to anything. Let’s learn to love the same way Christ loved the church unconditionally..
    4.caring mind
    The fourth characteristics of the mind of Christ is a caring mind.Jesus have a caring mind, he cares for everyone of us. Jesus said in the book of Mathew, take no thought for your live, what ye shall eat or drink,or the body what ye shall put on.
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If Jesus could care for the lilie of the Field, and the birds of the air, how much more us the humans that he came to die for.in John 3 and verse 16.
The Bible says For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…
Now have you ever thought of the “world” that the Bible was taking about? We have so many words today, we have the word of cars,Houses, shoes, clothes,plants and animals e.t.c but the world Christ came to sacrifice his life for is the world of human being because He cares for us and he doesn’t want any one of us to perish.
Several times Jesus would organize a crusade, when he noticed that the multitude Has been with him for a long time or days without food, after feeding them with God’s word,he will also give them physical food.what a caring mind!beloveth we are to cultivate this kind of a caring mind.don’t be selfish and self centred,think about others and not only your self.
5.understanding mind.
The fifth characteristics of the mind of Christ is understanding mind..yes Jesus understand us better than any other persons including our children, siblings, spouses or parents. The Bible says we have not but an high priest (talking about Jesus) which can be touch with the feelings of our infirmities.
Meaning he understand what we go through, our feelings and emotions,our weaknesses and strength and therefore he doesn’t condemn us in our sins but Rather his hands and arms are wide open to receive us whenever we come short of his Glory. I studied my Bible and I discovered that Jesus never in his life time condemned any body, not even the woman caught in the act of adultery, Jesus didn’t condemned her,because he understand her better than any other persons, he gave her room for repentance.oh what a Friend we have in Jesus. beloveth let us have this same mind of understanding.
Let’s understand people around us,when we understand people we wouldn’t judge their actions and inaction.We will love them unconditionally.
6.mind of forgiveness.
The sixth characteristics of the mind of Christ is the mind of forgiveness.
The Bible says if God Marks iniquities who shall stand? (Psalm130:3)
The reason we have not be consumed by God’s wrath is because of Jesus,He is interceding daily for us before God, to forgive us our sins,not to consume us in his wrath. Every day we sin against God knowingly and unknowingly yet he still Forgives us our sins and loves us. Beloveth we are to embraced this kind of mind. Let’s learn to forgive people who has wronged us.learn to practice what I called “advanced forgiveness”. That is, I forgive you today, for any offense you will commit against me tomorrow. that is the mind of Christ for us.
Peter asked Jesus master how many times will my brother sin against me that I will forgive him Even up to seven times? Jesus said not seven times but seventy times seven. Meaning forgive him/her as many times he/she sin against you. If you don’t forgive people their sins, your heavenly Father will not forgive you also.. Learn to have the mind of forgiveness..

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